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Our Projects - Child Welfare Organizations

Helping Hands for Ever Needy Child

It’s a high time to avail fundamental rights to every needy child. Children are our future, hence empowering each and every child should be in priority list of every responsible citizen. Being one of the best child welfare NGO, Priyansh Foundation is helping plenty of kids in getting equal opportunities to live life with fair choice. It is difficult to understand pain of underprivileged kids for those who have never seen them suffering. While looking after kids belonging to different social status and disabled children, we also receive donations from many corporate in order to put more efforts for them. Have a look on whom and how we are helping through special efforts;

  • Marginalized street children whose parents are excessive poor to afford basic necessities like food, clothes, etc. We often provide eatables, clothes and even shelter to them.
  • Biggest need of every child in India in right to education; we believe it’s the education which can change the present condition to our country. So better is education of a child, better will be our future.
  • Food and shelter to orphans.
  • Due to lack of healthcare facilities, a number of children lose their lives every year. We organize free healthcare camps and have healthcare centers which can be approached by them anytime.
  • Differently abled children need special care and attention, so our special team trains them to live a normal life by becoming self-dependent. We educate them, organize vocational trainings and provide them employment opportunities.

There are plenty of Child Welfare Organizations in Delhi, but we are standing at a different position because of our unique and perfect approach towards betterment of children. Street children, slum and rural areas’ children are approached positively and gets benefited through various modes. Lot of companies sponsors us many times and we also get donations from various individuals. Come join hands with us and let’s do our bit for society by helping these children.

Our Organisation is maintained & handled by Ms. Jaspreet Kaur